May 1973 Reserve law enforcement officers from all across Iowa responded to an invitation from Reserve Chief Bob Schubert of the Marshalltown Police Reserve to attend an Iowa Reserve Law Enforcement Conference at Marshalltown.
March 1974 At the second conference, a steering committee was formed to organize an association.  This committee was headed by Chairman Bob Schubert and included Jim Bielmaier, Francis Tilton, Lawrence Degreve, Arnold Curry, Dan Brandt, Boyd Roland, John Lee, Clyde Bailey and Lawrence Bittner.  These people became the incorporators of the association.
March 1974 The first annual Reserve Competition Pistol Matches were held.
October 1974 The association was incorporated by the state of Iowa.  Attorney Roger Schoell of Marshalltown served as the registered agent of the association.
November 1974 The first election of the board of directors was held at Forest City.  Bob Schubert was elected president, Jim Bielmaier was elected vice-president, and Dan Brandt was elected secretary-treasurer.  Secretary Dan Brandt then officially signed the articles of incorporation and the by-laws.
April 1975 The first issue of the Newsletter, later to become The Back Up, was mailed to the membership.
March 1976 The first elections of the general membership were held.
January 1977 A bill drafted by the board of directors to legalize reserves in Iowa was introduced into the legislature.
March 1977 The first Conference Booklet was printed and mailed to the membership.
April 1980 After much effort by officials and various members of the ISRLOA, the Iowa Legislature passed, and the governor signed, a bill legalizing reserves in the state of Iowa.
May 1981 The Iowa Law Enforcement Academy established training requirements for reserves carrying weapons.
January 1986 A death benefit for all members in good standing became a membership benefit.
September 1987 The first six-hour Reserve Training Seminar was held at the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.
March 1990 The legislative bill to increase training for reserves was signed by Governor Terry Branstad.
January 1995 First issue of the "DISPATCH" sent to members.
August 2004 The Iowa Law Enforcement Academy sets hiring standards for Iowa Reserve Officers.
April 2007 Governor Chet Culver signs legislation that sets standardized training and State certification through the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.